About us

Our story started in London, UK. We here at Pro Football UK are football enthusiasts who, just like you, know the struggles of searching for our favorite teams' football-wear at affordable prices. Football is the most popular sport in the world and with every new season, comes new kits, training wear and merchandise, it's not only hard to keep up with all the buzz but also very EXPENSIVE.

We were in the same boat as you! We searched high and low for stores and websites with reasonable prices, however none of them had what we were looking for, or the prices were unnecessarily high. As passionate football fans ourselves, we know the need for buying new kits every season to show support for our teams. Whether it's in front of the telly, on the pitch or out there in the stadium, we all love wearing that kit. The badge, the name and number on our back - it makes us feel a part of football and especially part of that team we all love and support.

And thats where we step in, Pro Football UK - a UK based E-commerce store giving you Football-Wear & Gear for the lowest prices in the market but also at the highest quality. At Pro Football UK, our main goal is to provide football fans with the greatest range of products for the team that you love. Not only that, we aim to make it as cheap as possible whilst maintaining amazing quality in our products. This way, our customers can buy the newest kits and tracksuits every season without having to worry about the costs. 

A few things about us

Along with our main goals mentioned above, we have a few more aims that we want to establish:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Easily accessible website
  • Fast delivery service

    Our goals and aims is to make sure that we build a connection with our customers. We don't want you to buy one product and never come back, we want you to come back every year when the new season starts. We want to be the only source for all your footballing needs. 

    We have warehouses in London, Bangkok and Shanghai to cater to our customers globally. We use other various methods such as dropshipping in our business. However, this does not affect you as a buyer and we aim to maintain a fast delivery service. Our warehouses hold upto 10,000 products including retro items. There's something for every football fan at Pro Football UK.

    HAPPY SHOPPING and make sure to tell your friends, family and pets.

    Pro Football UK Team