How to Pay

Pro Football UK are a Social Media business who sell and advertise through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, we are not a fully fledged retail business and hence are only currently accepting payments through Klarna and Manual Bank Transfer for which you will find details below.

1) Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna

Want to purchase something but don't have the immediate funds? Well introducing Klarna. This payment method has revolutionised online shopping needs. We offer two ways to pay with Klarna:

- Pay within 30 days with no interest or fees added on. Klarna will send you an email with payment details and guide you themselves. An easy method with no catch or twist. We immediately process your items as per usual after your order has been confirmed.

- The second method is Paying in 3 interest free installments. Simple as that! You pay 1/3 of the total amount every 30 days which is done automatically by your bank. For example, if your total order amount costs £60, you will pay £20 immediately after order completion, than another £20 30 days later and the final £20 in 60 days time. There is no catch here either, no interest or fees added on behind your back. 

Klarna is definitely a must for customers who need Football Wear or gear as soon as possible but do not have the necessary funds. We recommend this method very highly. 

2) Bank Transfer

Onto a more recent innovation and arguably the easiest way for you to pay - bank transfer is simple and very time efficient. You will find all the information regarding how to complete a purchase and where to transfer the money below. 

At checkout you will be given the above two options to pay. Choosing Klarna will lead you to Klarna’s website where as bank transfer is a little different. If you click to pay with bank transfer, your order will be automatically completed after you fill in all your details and than you will be led to your order status page. More details and instructions will be given in checkout but in short: to fully complete the purchase you will have to send the full amount of your order along with your order number (example #1099 - which can be found on the top of your order status page - as a reference/note when you are transferring the money). Once we have received the payment, we will process your order as per usual. Our team will be following up with bank transfer checkouts via email to keep things in check so do not worry. Orders are kept for 1 day before being deleted if payment via bank transfer isn't completed.



SORT CODE: 30-64-43


*** Your Bank may not recognise the name of our Account, however, if you have entered the correct Sort Code and Account Name, than do not worry, we will receive your payment regardless ***

As usual, if you encounter any other problems, you can use any of the quick contacts below for help and we will get back to you ASAP.

If you have another way of paying, please do email us and we will happily correspond to your needs. We hope you are all keeping well and healthy during these unprecedented times and hope to see you in store soon. HAPPY SHOPPING!