How to Pay

Pro Football UK are a Social Media Company who sell and advertise through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, we are not a fully fledged retail business and hence are only currently accepting payments through Manual Bank Transfer, a Secure Payment Link and Paypal for which you will find details about below. 

1) Bank Transfer

When you pay with Bank Transfer, after filling in your details at checkout, you will not have to pay immediately like you do with other businesses. In fact, your order details will be automatically completed by us and you'll also receive a confirmation email but the payment will be kept as pending until we have received the total amount. You can check your payment and order status via the Shop App. 

After completing your order, you will be led to your Order Status Page where you will find your order number at the top (example #7000). Use this as a reference/note while transferring the money to us. Please make sure to send the correct total amount or it will only delay your order. Both methods are very easy and quick to use but most importantly they are safe and secure so you do not have anything to worry about.

 Name of Account: STARPLAYA

Sort Code: 04-03-70

Account Number: 88297667

International Transfer Details

IBAN: GB53TCCL04140413802717


Bank/Institution: The Currency Cloud Limited

Bank Address: The Steward Building 12 Steward Street, London, E1 6FQ, GB

Intermediary Bank Swift: BARCGB22 (only use if required by bank)

2) Easy and Secure Payment Link

Same as Bank Transfer, you do not pay straight away but after the order has gone through. Use this link below to complete your order.

Simply follow the steps given by the link to pay. Your Bank does have authority over this transaction so do not worry about any fraud or scam interventions.

* Copy and paste the link onto a new browser if you are having trouble opening it

Please ensure everything is accurate including your order number - you can also find this via your email chosen at checkout if you forget.

Once we have received the payment, we will process your order as usual and you will get your tracking information once we have dispatched shortly after. Checkouts are deleted after one day if no payment is received. 

Our team will be keeping up with every Order so do not worry, you are in good hands.

3) Paypal

You can also now pay with Paypal from our website. Paypal are one of the biggest payment providers in the world with their award winning buyer protection scheme. Choose Paypal at checkout and follow the steps to finish your payment. This method is not the same as the previous two as you pay before completing the order. 

We look forward to your orders and supplying you with all the merchandise from the new season.